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Duck! A curve ball is coming in for your head!

Recently, I have felt like I am a bat in a stadium. I can see the pitcher on the mound at a not too far distance in front of me. He is winding up the ball to throw it my way. But out the corner of my left eye another ball is being thrown at me from another pitcher. Wait, how can that be? That's not the rules of the game. That's not fair. How can I do two things at once? In a moment of panic, I feel like I'm not prepared to hit two balls at once. I just can't, can I? Realistically, there is no way I can hit the ball coming straight towards me and then pivot, turn, swing and hit the ball coming from the left. It just can't happen.

At the very last minute, I just end up ducking. I literally see myself dropping to my knees in a Matrix-type of slow motion while the two balls collide over me, missing my head. Whew! That was close; I dodged those balls just in time.

This scenario is so real and so vivid right now. My life is busy. My plate is full. I'm up to my eyeballs in projects and responsibilities. I've got all the irons in the fire. And even though Summer is trying it's best to come right now, I feel snowed in.

While this might be an overuse of cliches, they are all real. And all the things going on are not altogether bad but I definitely need to get ahold of my schedule and my choices.

Yup, you read that right, I have got to take a deep breath and figure out what needs to be present in my life at this exact moment and what needs to be put on the back burner or completely done away with. Have you ever felt like this too?

It's called prioritizing. It's called listening to your inner voice. Or, like my mentor Michelle Rohr talks about in our private, members-only group, taking 100% responsibility for our lives, where we have all learned to "Say 'Yes' to Desire."

The balls I'm dodging right now is discontinuing to design tote bags, I have released the idea of creating and sewing a private clothing line, I dropped the idea of curating a line of healthy seasoning and branding pots and pans for healthy cooking. It's time to clear these things out my mind; my thoughts were too clouded and I just cannot do everything exceptionally well all at once, do you know what I mean?

But now that I am connecting with what is resonating with me. I am ready to hit some home runs and knock some balls out the park. At bat, I know that I got a good handle on:

  1. Knitting and offering custom-made items and completing the courses needed to achieve the status of Master Knitter through the Knitting Guild Association

  2. Teaching knitting lessons as self-care that will then encourage my students to reach their life goals

  3. Continuing to serve my exclusive personal training and wellness clients

  4. Designing stunning digital planners and pdf's in my new Etsy store: Planner4Winners

  5. Introducing and reconnecting customers to their beloved Mary Kay products to enhance their skincare, cosmetics and fragrance needs.

  6. Co-creating empowerment courses that are life-changing

  7. Writing the books that I've been carrying in my soul for the last 5 years

Recently, in my webinar "Becoming a Self-Care Success in Eight Easy Steps", I talk very transparently about how my life has transformed and grown from a place of low-self esteem to confidence. I've grown to a place where I have found my voice. I stand up for myself. I set and respect my own boundaries. I love what I see in the mirror. I literally feel ah-mazing!

The great thing about living life is that there is always room to grow and expand. I do this my reading or listening to books each day, I'm endeavoring to become bi-lingual, plus I read my Bible in the morning and meditate at night.

I hope that you can take this blog post and decide what you need to dodge and what you are ready to knock out the park. After all, "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." -Jackie Robinson.

Take Action: Sign up for my FREE course, "Becoming a Self-Care Success in Eight Easy Steps"; a beautiful journal I designed goes along with it. (:

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