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Hello there!

As my natural talents stem from arts and crafts, my main business focus includes knitting, digital products and online course creations.

Coming from a place of poor health of high cholesterol, being overweight and suffering from knee and back issues, I discovered a love of health and wellness to heal myself. By trade, I am also an IIN Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and ACE-Certified Group Fitness Instructor. 

I help enrich the lives of others and help them instill daily self-care through Mary Kay products as an Independent Beauty Consultant.

It is my hope that you enjoy being a part of my community as we live a wholesome life where you are encouraged to be healthy, wealthy and abundantly full of joy through goal-boosting products and services that bring inspiration and motivation.

Over the last two years, I have truly solidified the beauty of taking 100% responsibility for my goals and my destiny. It is from a place of learning the art of being enough that I now function from a place of confidence and not feeling less than anyone else – imposter syndrome is a thing of the past.

I am encouraging you to settle in as we grow together. This journey will change your life. Trust me!

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Fun facts about me!

  1. I am only 5 feet tall

  2. I have 7 earring piercings

  3. I love sunflowers

  4. I have two tattoos

  5. My husband and I have been friends since we were nine and have been married for 27 years (We got married on New Years Eve! -Cue the streamers!)

  6. We have two adult sons who love to hang out with us still #familyfirst

  7. I currently have 12 tubs of yarn. (Don't judge me!)

  8. I love to work out and I have Tina Turner arms. Oh yea!

  9. I have been growing my Sisterlocks for 10 years

  10. I love the Caribbean lifestyle - yea Mon!

  11. I have taught myself all the arts and crafts/home economic things I love to do: knitting, sewing, crocheting, baking, painting and making jewelry

  12. My favorite treat snacks are Doritos, Butterfingers, and homemade: cookies, key lime pie and caramel corn


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. Schedule your Meet and Greet! 


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